The project was founded in the spring of 2008 and is implemented by the town of Nové Hrady, the Vienna Böhmerwaldmuseum and the Institute of Physical Biology, University of South Bohemia. This project was selected within the programme „Evropská územní spolupráce Rakousko – Česká republika 2007 – 2013“ and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project Activities


  • Preparation and implementation of the Unraveling a Shared Heritage exhibition in Nové Hrady and Benešov nad Černou.
    Situation: The exhibition took place in the Nové Hrady tannery building from 16th August to 31st October. On 6th November the exhibition opened for three weeks in the town hall in Benešov nad Černou.
  • Creation of a project website in Czech, German and English.
    Situation: The website was launched in the second half of November in Czech and German. The English version was launched in the beginning of February 2009.
  • Translation and print of the Tales of Nové Hrady Houses.
    Situation: The book was published in early summer 2009 and is now available at the information centre in Nové Hrady and other vendors.
  • German translation of the website www.novehradyhistorie.cz.
    Situation: Part four – database of period photographs was made available in March 2010.
  • Translation of partner websites.
    Situation: Translation of the Böhmerwaldmuseum website and the tourist-related sections of the Nové Hardy site is currently under way.
  • Preparation and implementation of an educational course for the employees of the region's information centres.
    Situation: The educational workshop included a presentation of the project as well as four lectures by the creators of the exhibition. This workshop took place 14th August 2009 in the afternoon before the exhibition opening. Two motivational trips were organized for employees of information centres as well as other passionate travellers. The participants visited the Doppler and Mandlstein mountains lead by an experienced guide with knowledge of the Nové Hrady mountains. For photographs from these events see the Photo Gallery.


  • Exhibition in Vienna and Weitra.
    Situation: In Vienna, the exhibition was held in winter 2009. In 2009 and 2010, parts of the exhibition were presented in the Raabs an der Thaya, Borovany and Kaplice municipalities as well.
  • Preparation and print of the Unraveling a Shared Heritage catalogue.
    Situation: The book written by Milan Kozeluh called Unforgotten tracks – Novohradske hory 2009 was officially launched on 4 June 2010 in the castle of Nove Hrady. Read more in the section focused on this book.
  • Preparation and exhibition of an expanded version of Unraveling a Shared Heritage including a catalogue.
    Situation: The exhibition was installed in the representative chambers of the Nové Hrady Chateau from 14th August to 30th October 2009. For further information about the course of the exhibition, check the Photo Gallery and the News section for a brief evaluation of the event. Most of the exhibits may be viewed online at this website under the Exhibition section as of 30th October.

Initial Situation

The Czech-Austrian border area is a favourite tourist spot thanks to its natural and historical wealth. However, only exceptionally are these conditions combined into a unified tourist product. There is currently no tourist product, which includes both the Czech and Austrian border areas. Visitors to the area are interested in its history, but it is not sufficiently available. Exceptions are the Iron Curtain Museum in Borovany and the Totality Museum in Weitra, but these museums focus only on periods in history when the Czechs and Austrians were divided. But visitors are also interested in the nations’ shared history and their life together an the border. There are hobby groups and professional organizations which map the shared history and have lots of material which could be utilised and presented to the public. Understanding the shared history is important not only for visitors, but for the current inhabitants of the region as well.

Project Goals

The general goal of the project is to enrich the tourist destination of the Czech/Austrian border area by creating a comprehensive tourist product, which would connect existing tourist destinations with newly created ones. This would create a complex mosaic presenting the shared heritage of the border region.

Specific Goals

  • Broaden the offer of attractive tourist destinations in the region.
  • Increase the quality and availability of tourism services.
  • Support and develop common marketing.
  • Improve the coordination of common management.

Project Logos

Project Logos may be downloaded here: logo-cz.wmf, logo-at.wmf

Visual Guidelines

Download the guidelines for the unified visual style of all graphics related to the project
here: cz-prirucka.doc

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